Projects for the Amateur Pyrotechnician

The best way for the apprentice (or the less kind descriptor "newbie") pyrotechnician to learn the trade is to do projects under the tutelage of a seasoned mentor. Unfortunately, these rare individuals who are willing to pass on their knowledge are hard to find. These pages are a small attempt to address the need to provide instruction about common pyrotechnic projects. With pictures and textual descriptions, these project pages may approximate the next best alternative to having a real pyro expert in your workshop. Most of the projects will describe the construction of finished display items or components which are used in many common display pieces.

Home Manufacture of Black Powder

Black powder is an essential component of many different kinds of fireworks items. It's a lot of work to make your own, but the satisfaction of mastering the art is well worth it.

Quick and Easy Mines

I don't particularly like the traditional name given to this class of ground effect because the word "mine" is associated with the notorious military device of the same name, but I do particularly like the beauty of the effect and the ease of construction. I think you'll agree that these three inch mines are about as easy to make as a greasy cheeseburger.

Super Sparklers

The lowly sparkler may not occupy a position of grand importance in the hierarchy of fireworks inventions, but these super sparklers will definitely command some respect and may possibly force you to reasses your opinion of what to expect from a sparkler.

Thermalite Equivalent Igniter Fuse

This stuff isn't quite like the commercial product, but it is a good approximation that I find extremely useful. The method of manufacture was originally proposed by Firefox. I have adapted the method to my own taste and present it here as a useful way to make your own igniter fuse.

Roman Candles

The Romans had a good idea when they came up with this one. If you think you might want to learn how to make your own candles, then by all means, take a look.

Stinger Missiles

If you like rockets, you can't go wrong with this project. Why they are called stinger missiles is beyond me, but I'm just crazy about 'em all the same.

Clark's Giant Steel Fountain

Tired of those wimpy little store-bought fountains? This project will revolutionize your concept of a giant fountain if you think you're ambitious enough to tackle it. It's all done on a grand scale and the results are commensurate with its size.

6 Pound End Burning Rockets

Here's a project for all you rocket fanatics. These end burners are a scaled up version of the ubiquitous Estes model rocket motors, but, be warned, this project requires some specialized tooling and tubes that make it out of reach for the beginner.

This page was composed by Dan Williams. If you have any questions or comments, then.... E-mail me!

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