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Howdy and welcome! I assume you're here because you share my passion for display pyrotechnics. If not, you're still welcome to browse around, but be forwarned. They say that "He who hath once smelt the smoke is ne'er again free." These pages will teach you a few things about how to create art with light from the combustion of energetic materials. The information is geared for the limited budget amateur who creates his art for the sole purpose of giving delight to his friends and neighbors without thought for commercial gain. Please make yourself at home and be sure to send me a line if you've had a pleasant stay.

NEWS FLASH: This site will be the new permanent home for my pyro info for the forseeable future. It will take me a while to complete the transfer. This site and the original one will co-exist for a while.
One Who Hath Smelt the Smoke

Additions and Updates

This list will tell you what's new for the whole site.

Project Pages

This is a collection of pages which describe the steps for making finished display items or components thereof.

Tool Pages

These pages describe how to make the essential tools which are required for the projects above. They emphasize approaches which are thrifty and simple.

This page was composed by Dan Williams. If you have any questions or comments, then.... E-mail me!

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